What are ENDGAMES?

ENDGAMES look like games.
ENDGAMES act like games.
ENDGAMES are not games.
ENDGAMES are traps.
ENDGAMES are plays.
ENDGAMES are tragedies
ENDGAMES are comedies.
ENDGAMES have no beginning.
ENDGAMES have no end.

ENDGAMES are artworks that you can carry with you in your pocket. ENDGAMES subvert game play with the purpose of engaging strategically and empathetically with tragicomic situational experiences.

ENDGAMES are another tendril in the artistic practices of Brian Adam Douglas.

Brian came to recognition for his street art practices under the moniker ELBOW-TOE. His career has progressed to representation in galleries globally. In the fine art world he has established a reputation for his cut paper paintings as well as his murals, both having garnered the attention of the New York Times amongst several other publications.

Previously Brian was a front end developer, well regarded in interactive circles in both the commercial and fine art spheres. He has tackled such projects as programming the website for the 2004 Whitney Biennial, building numerous award winning websites and collaborating with such esteemed artists as Laurie Anderson.